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6 Products to take with you for Summer Beach Travel

6 Products to take with you for Summer Beach Travel

The school days are winding down and the temps are heating up! Like many of you, my family and I are gearing up for all things summer! That includes our annual trip to the beach. As I get my packing list ready one thing I don’t forget is how important it is to maintain our haircare while we are beach bummin it. Sand, sun, and humidity can do a number on our curls so I make sure I pack a few essentials that every natural should consider when laying pool and/or ocean side!


First up is of course, Conditioner! After hours and hours of gritty sand accumulating in my curls I dread the post-beach shower detangle session. Not only am I trying to rinse the grit out of my strands, but I’m also trying not to cause excessive damage while I detangle the knots that seem to quickly transform into locs in the heat. A good conditioner with plenty of slip is essential to have with me on vacation. Post shampoo I apply a generous amount and carefully loosen the tangles. Want to be ahead of the game? Purchase a conditioner that can double as a deep conditioner so you can get in a good deep conditioning session while away!


No one wants to spend all day doing their hair just to get it soaked again a few hours later. I recommend packing a lightweight styling moisturizer that you can quickly and easily apply post wash/rinse. Something that gives just enough much needed moisture to your curls without weighing them down or looking like you’re rinsing out a salons worth of products when you step into the water. If you’ve opted for a protective style while on vacation, it’s a good idea to still moisturize your hair often to help prevent excessive breakage post style. Lightweight moisturizers can be in either cream or spray form, both can be placed in a travel ready bottle or container.


If you’re like me, I tend to venture onto the mainland often to shop, sightsee and mingle with the locals. I need a little more than just shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer to make me ready for my day. That’s why I always make sure I pack a good gel that contains humectants. Humectants promote moisture retention by attracting water molecules along the hair follicle. However, proceed with caution. In optimal weather conditions, gels with humectants can make your hair more bouncy, softer, and protect your curls from potential damage caused by dry heat. On the other hand, on really humid summer days humectants can draw so much moisture from the air into your hair that it can cause a frizzy, sticky nightmare. It’s a true balancing act and you want to make sure you’re doing what’s best for your curls depending on the weather each day.


As much as I love my curls blowing in the wind, this can get pretty annoying if that wind has 17,000 grains of sand along with it. I’m my best self on the beach with my feet in the sand and my curls tucked away! There’s only one haircare tool that I use to pull my curls up and that’s a Puffcuff hair clamp! Designed with naturals in mind, the Puffcuff hair clamp comes in various sizes so whether you have loose or tight curls you’ll have options. Easy to put in and quick to take out, you won’t have to worry about wet hair getting tangled around conventional ponytail holders and rubberbands. Check out the Puffcuff hair clamp at ThePuffcuff.com. 


For those of us who love a good date night while on vaca, we find ourselves needing to not only style our curls, but also dry them! No one wants wet hair at the fancy dinner table. If that’s the case for you, be sure to pack a good heat protectant. Whether cream based or a liquid, you’ll want something good that you can add to your hair prior to either heat styling or diffusing with a dryer. After being beat up by the sun’s rays all day long, the last thing we want is to add additional damage with more direct heat from a styling tool!


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When the day is over and you’re ready for bed, don’t let those hotel/air bnb cotton pillowcases set you back! Be sure to pack either a silk pillowcase to add to the bedding or a silk bonnet. I like to purchase a few extra so that I can always have a clean one to travel with. If you’re better with a bonnet, make sure it doesn’t have a tight elastic brim that pulls on your edges at night. And if you’re a wild sleeper, double up! When your bonnet comes off, the silk pillowcase is there to be that added protection. 


As you gear up for that summer travel I hope this list helps you remember some of the essentials to throw in your carry on! Wishing you a safe and happy summer fun in the sun!



Tabitha Wiggins

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