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A Teenage Love

A Teenage Love

Black Twitter had Solange trending and we all were praying to find receipts of a new album, a world tour or something magical AF. Yet, what we found was receipts to a teenage love affair and/or an alleged teenage pregnancy that could possibly make Solo a Grandmother at the tender age of 35!

Photo: Julez Smith/Instagram

Many were shocked, but most of us see a clear pattern in this story. As Solange was 17 when she became pregnant by ex-husband Daniel Smith, Sr. former NFL footballer and rapper Jay Z’s talent manager. After staying together for 3+ years, they got separated on May 21, 2007, and continued to co-parent their son Daniel ‘Juelz’ Smith, Jr. until present day.

Juelz and his girlfriend, referred to her as “Adore”, texted each other during a very spicy exchange discussing their intimacy and asking if she was planning to take a Plan B. Here are a few bits from their text thread:

“Noooo,” Adore replied to Smith, according to the screenshots. “Just do it and pray.”

“You sure?” Smith replied.

“Yessss, I am sure,” Adore responded.

It appeared Smith began to go over with Adore the possible outcome of  him becoming a teenage father. Solange had Smith when she was 18.

“My mom didn’t have eyes on her at that age,” Smith allegedly texted Adore. “I do.”

Smith then allegedly texted he was going to start distancing himself from Adore because he didn’t want to “get attached.”

“If you have a kid, I need to mentally get ready for that,” Smith allegedly texted. “So that’s what I’m doing.”

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Adore then responded she was already attached to him and she’d previously told him that.

“Okay, well I need to start detaching my emotions,” Smith allegedly responded. “It’s just a mental thing.”

“He is literally so scared of his parents he can’t even think straight,” the caption read.

Click Here for more on this. These kids seem to be in a mess, and I hope the adults can wheel them in for the better. Keep tuned as we follow this story.


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