About TXTURE Magazine

TXTURE is a print & digital publication that was created in 2013,
by former celebrity makeup artist Monifa Coffee. Monifa founded TXTURE to highlight the naturalistas & cultural enthusiasts, that represent a growing community of women and men who are becoming more creative and bold in voicing their views, and opinions on black beauty & black culture.
Sold in 300+ locations nationwide, TXTURE continuously aims to strengthen the community; while redefining the narrative in black media and the visual content that is displayed in its representation.

It is fresh.  It is original.  It is inspiring.


Tabitha Wiggins

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tabitha Wiggins but I go by Tabby, Tabs, Dear (gotta love my husband), and my favorite one of all…Mommy. I currently live in the metro Atlanta area with my husband of 7 years (love of my life for 12), and our 3 kids. You can check them out and all their quirks on our family page WiggedOut….I love my family, but enough about them…you came here to talk curls.


A collective of contributors we work with nationwide!

Brandis Snagg

NYC Writer. Fashion Stylist. Mother.

Ashira Provost

LA Based Fashion Writer

Ashley Osbourne

Cali Girl. Creative.

Lucy Sams, Editor at large

 Lucy Sams is the Editor-At-Large for TXTURE Magazine. Whenever she isn't cloud-chasing or trip-taking you can find her moonlighting as a professional ghostwriter, copywriter, author, and advocate for the underdog. Explore the many facets of her world at www.Suavexor.com

MONIFA COFFEE, Editor in Chief

After 18+ years working in entertainment & media as a celebrity makeup artist working for Nickelodeon, VH1, BET & CNN, Monifa revamped her career and created TXTURE Magazine. She noticed a void in positive imargery within the black community, especially the images of the "Black Woman". So, she used her industry resources to publish TXTURE. Today, Monifa is sought after as a media industry go-to-girl for digital marketing, event activations and visual campaigns.