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André the Giant

André the Giant

Last night, the hearts of many fashion aficionados’ broke with news of the passing of André Leon Talley. Sir Talley was a giant in many ways, from his statuesque physique, to his undeniable influence in the fashion world. Although he was born in Washington, D.C., André was raised by his beloved grandmother, Binnie Francis Davis, whom he cherished & looked up to stating she gave him the “understanding of luxury”.

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All of us have admiration for our grandmothers because they showed us the old-school way of glam and introduced him to Vogue Magazine. He channeled the essence of grandma Davis in all that he did. This was witnessed from the elegant suits he wore in his younger years to the kaftans & capes that later became his signature style. When asked about his signature look, he said, “I evolved my own style based on my own historical research into iconic people like Louis XIV & Louis XV, the French courts, and the garbs of North African men.”
To say that his style was impeccable is an understatement to say the least. This man was legendary in so many aspects of his life. He attended North Carolina Central University, where he studied French literature. Shortly after, he won a scholarship to Brown University earning a Master of Arts degree in French literature.
Many that know the story of André’s life, they know he loved two women dearly… Grandma Binnie & Mrs. Diana Vreeland. Her belief in him was so strong that she helped him land a job at Andy Warhol’s publication, Interview Magazine (1974). This was the very beginning of his magical journey into the fashion world. Sir Talley moved on to Women’s Wear Daily & W Magazine as the Paris bureau chief (1975-1980).
After a few years at W he began a career at the New York Times, before landing his role as the first Black creative director at Vogue –later becoming Editor-At-Large. For him, Vogue played an essential role in helping to mold him into the grand giant we mourn today. Rest in Prestige, Sir André.  Below is audio of our meet & greet with Sir Talley, enjoy!
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