Diamond Divani

I’m Diamond Divani, founder of my self titled blog Diamonddivani.com, and contributer writer for TXTURE Magazine. Raised in a small town, Raleigh, NC, I’ve always had a niche for writing and creating. I have quite a bit of an obsession with style, beauty products, the beauty of natural hair, and lifestyle writing. A few years ago while living in New York, I was blessed with a few opportunities in the fashion as well as acting industry. From walking and attending shows for NYFW, to being an extra on Starz hit series "Power". Moving back home to NC, I have added a few things to my resume. Such as wardrobe styling clients, directing creative shoots, and working with local boutiques as their model. Over the years I have grown so much in my creative areas just as I am supposed to. Follow me as well as my journey on Instagram @diamonddivani.