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Baby On Board: 8 Ways To Prepare For Pregnancy

Baby On Board: 8 Ways To Prepare For Pregnancy

Beyonce, Janet, Eve… All of these women were able to conceive past the age of 35.  True, they are wealthy, but there are many stories around the globe of women conceiving beyond the age often depicted on television.  Are you ready to swaddle your own bundle of joy?!?!  Here are 8 ways to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy:

1)       If you’re taking birth control STOP.  Contraception when taken properly is effective at preventing pregnancy.  Please be sure to discontinue yours.  Some women get pregnant immediately after stopping, but sometimes it takes a bit longer. Be patient.

2)      This is the perfect time to take a look at your diet.  Nutrition is key to a healthy body.  Don’t you want a healthy body for your baby?  Not only will you need to eat right, but you may want to consider supplementing with a multivitamin that contains folic acid.

3)      Tracking your cycle is helpful too.  Your Obstetrician will ask you about your period so be prepared.  Know your start date, number of days, and even how it flows.  Tell them any concerns you may have to get on track for a healthy pregnancy.

4)      Schedule a visit with an Obstetrician to discuss your plans to have a baby.  Tell your doctor about your concerns and be open to the feedback you receive about the best ways for you to have a healthy baby.  In 2022, there are a range of ways to conceive; from ovulation tracking apps to in-vitro fertilization. Explore your options.

5)      Have a discussion with your partner about all things BABY. Your partner needs the opportunity to share their thoughts and desires as you two plan and prepare for your baby together. This is also a good time for your partner to go get a check-up to make sure they are healthy too.

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6)      Eliminate risky behavior that can damage your body and baby.  So, NO smoking, drinking alcohol, or drugs.  Any of these things can harm your baby and interfere with healthy development.

7)      Exercise is a great way to prepare your body for baby.  Cardio helps you practice proper breathing techniques which come in handy in the delivery room. Strength training helps your muscles prepare for the days you will have to juggle between carrying baby and a car seat at the same time.

8)      Have plenty of S-E-X! Yes…Check your calendar, put on some baby-making music, and…Make a baby!

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