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If you have had the opportunity to partake in the highly entertaining viewing of the Netflix Original, Bridgerton, prepare for an even greater experience.  An experience that will expose you to one of the grandest balls of the season,”The Queen’s Ball!”  Make this your “Year Of Yes,” by enjoying the majesty and libations of the Regency Era.  Visiting one of the more intriguing worlds crafted by Shondaland will excite even the most timid visitor.  Perhaps you will take full advantage of the opportunity to attend “The Queen’s Ball,” live and in person.  Social media is abuzz with every gentleman and lady highlighting the opportunity to strut around the ballroom in their finest attire to the backdrop of the latest hits orchestrated to acoustic perfection.  The ambiance alone is simply to die for.  


However, gentle reader, make no mistake this event will leave no attendee without a smile.  This Bridgerton Experience is immersive, transporting you back to 1813 Mayfield, London.  Perhaps you too can acquire your very own Duke or Viscount.  The fact remains, anything is possible. Take this opportunity to witness with your very own eyes the selection of the “Diamond Of The Season,” by the Queen herself.  It is even possible for you to be selected as such. Are you intrigued?


Mark my words and prepare your wardrobe!  Prepare for an evening of acrobatics, whimsical engagement, and the most elegant dancing of the era.  Take this once in a millennial moment as your own, as you mingle in the company of high society with true poise and grace.  The sordid details of what occurs will only be experienced by those in attendance. Will you be among them?  Only four cities are hosting this grand affair.  Please go to: The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience to find out more.

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