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Chai-Yok, The benefits of the v-steam

Chai-Yok, The benefits of the v-steam

  • Written by: Diamond Divani

So, how many of you ladies have heard of Yoni Steaming? Well, as of late it has become a very popular thing that we ladies have been obsessing over and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Vaginal steaming, sometimes shortened to “V-Steaming” also known as “Yoni Steaming”, “Ratus”, “Ganggang”, “Bajos”, and “Venus smoke”, is a steam therapy that has been used for centuries to create balance in the reproductive health of both males and females. The moist heat which evaporates into your private areas has been known to improve the overall health of the vaginal and uterine tissues. The steam and a combination of different herbs work to nourish, tone, heal, promote cleansing and bring in fresh oxygenated blood. Steaming sessions entail squatting or sitting over steaming water containing herbs such as mugwort, rosemary, wormwood and basil. This practice is common in Africa (Mozambique, South Africa), Asia (Indonesia, Thailand), and Central America.

Recently our Publisher and Editor & Chief, Monifa Coffee, had the chance to sit down and chat with Alicia Uzor, the business owner of Chai-Yok. Alicia explained why she got into the Yoni business and shared information on the treatment. Now, this service is a great way for the non-relaxer to relax.

While living in the country in Nigeria in 2007, Alicia owned a spa and Yoni Steaming was one of her offered services because the international community was very big there. The service was a huge success and she wanted to take it further. Yoni Steaming was a service that wasn’t offered in spas, it is normally done in the comfort of your home or in a community with a group of women. When I first heard this part of the interview I thought to myself, ‘Oh no! I’m not sure that I’d be comfortable enough to just sit with a group of women with my pants off as if I’m just having a casual conversation’. Then I had a second thought; ‘well, that would be a new experience of gaining the confidence to be comfortable in a new setting’. That being said, as you steam in a group, you’ll be sitting on pots steaming and purging together as well as talking about life.

As the conversation continued, Alicia went on to explain that this isn’t just a fad, it is a very holistic service that means well to the body! She goes on to say that you will definitely notice the result of the benefits from the first steam. Women are able to start steaming as early as sixteen years old. A steam once or twice a month before or after your cycle goes off is ideal.  “There is no such thing as over steaming as long as your temperature is good”, she explains, “however, too much steam down there may cause your membranes to become very soft and may cause bruising.”

A few of the benefits that Alicia mentioned during the interview happened to be:

  1. Vaginal health
  2. Fertility issues
  3. Menstrual health
  4. Menstrual irregularities
  5. Menstrual cramping
  6. Vaginal odor
  7. Intestinal health
  8. Hemorrhoids
  9. Prostate health
  10. Tighten vaginal muscles

Aside from steaming, benefits of the Yoni egg also came about. If you aren’t familiar with that, then here it is; the “Yoni Egg”, “Jade Egg”, or “Love Egg” – are names for the beautiful semiprecious stone carved and polished into an egg shape to be placed inside the vagina. Empresses and concubines of the Royal Palace of China used eggs carved out of jade to access sexual power, awaken sensuality and maintain amazing health into their old age. It enhances vaginal orgasms, the sizes are small medium and large. Normally you will start with the large and work your way down to the small. This process also helps with tightening the vaginal area. The recommended process for caring for a Yoni egg is to boil it and sit it in sea salt; this helps to cleanse the energy off of it.

As the ladies were wrapping up their interview Alicia took Monifa along on a tour of her peaceful establishment; showing her the private steam and party area, which is furnished with an individual room and a communal area. The communal area can hold up to 15 steamings at a time. Alicia also introduced to our Publisher and Editor & Chief her clients communal journal, where clients anonymously share their purge descriptions and stories.

My personal opinion for this new-found service is I am willing to try it! There is nothing more to it than wanting to cleanse, purge and receive relaxation for yourself. If you haven’t tried this service,  then I recommend to do so.

Be sure to head over and follow @chai_yok on Instagram and book your first appointment if you’re located in Charlotte! If you aren’t located in Charlotte, be sure to make an appointment with the best local steaming service. Stay healthy and cleansed my ladies!

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