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Girl Meets World: Zahra Siddiqui

Girl Meets World: Zahra Siddiqui

Toronto based photographer & visual artist Zahra Siddiqui is living proof that following your passion can pay off. Just a little over 5 years ago, Zahra picked up a camera and pursued capturing people in moments… moments that were candid, mostly using subjects of color ; showcasing the beauty that they truly are -culturally.

It wasn’t too long before Zahra started seeing her photos with a new POV, adding elements of mixed media, and reinventing herself as a  collage artist….

“it’s all done by hand using actual paint, textiles, hand made paper, adornments and photo paper , anything that’s physically around me…..which is all placed on canvas. The fact that I work on each piece by hand is what makes the grid very special”, says Zahra.

This aesthetic took her work to new heights. Opening a door to endless possibilities, including her 1st solo exhibition, The Invisible Majority;  Giving her the opportunity to display her work with her Toronto base.

Zahra looks to expand her presence throughout the United States. She travels to NYC often and shoots many artist & influencers, but she is still in search of more gallery partnerships in the big City! Something tells us, it won’t be long before her 1st US exhibit.

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“I am now ready to showcase my work, share it with not only my city but the world, in hopes to make an impact and bring focus to being mindful of the beauty that surrounds us. The beauty that lives in melanin and often gets ignored.” – Zahra Siddiqui

Zahra’s artwork takes your mind & soul onto a journey. She brings her photography to life with an almost 3D visual that makes you dig deeper in analyzing the subjects at hand.We at TXTURE Magazine can’t wait to see the continued growth of this melaninated Queen.

For more on this artist: visit her website  http://sightandvision.tumblr.com/ and also follow her on  Instagram: @zahra_siddiqui

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