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Like Bees to Honey! Why every curly girl should try The Doux: Bee Girl Collection

Like Bees to Honey! Why every curly girl should try The Doux: Bee Girl Collection

One of my favorite things to DOUX (see what I did there?) is to try out the latest hair care product lines and right on time for summer The Doux dropped one helluva sweet line on us! If you’ve tried their original line before and your hair loved it, you do NOT want to miss this one!


Keeping with her iconic naming conventions, Maya Smith, CEO and overall fly girl of The Doux Brand, does not miss a beat on the latest Bee Girl Collection! 8, Maya dropped 8 new products on us that promise to deliver a level of moisture that’s sweet like honey!


Ladies First: Honey Shampoo

First up in this full collection is the shampoo! If you check out The Doux website, it states Ladies First Honey Shampoo contains ‘super-charged’ honey that contains a positive charge to smooth our negatively charged hair cuticle. What I love about the packaging, and what Maya and her team seem to always get right, is offering a shampoo in a squeezeable bottle for easy dispensing. You can grab Ladies First: Honey Shampoo for $11.99 (tax included) on the website.


Supersonic: Honey Condish

Nothing we love better than a product that gives us more for our money and can rock our world! The Supersonic: Honey Condish can be used as a 3-n-1 pre-poo, leave-in conditioner or you can rinse it out. Packed with vitamins, keratin and silk amino acids, if you’ve tried any of the other The Doux conditioners then you know how much moisture is packed in this bottle. Speaking of bottles, The Doux team keeps the ease of use going by giving us another squeezable bottle that makes it easy to squeeze just enough out with one hand, while detangling your curls with the other. You can grab your own bottle of Supersonic: Honey Condish for $13.99 (tax included) on the website.


Sweetest Thing: Honey Moisture Mask

Like any good record, I could literally go on repeat with the amount of times I say how important it is to deep condition your curls! Luckily, The Doux Bee Girl collection includes Sweetest Thing: Honey Moisture Mask that is made to Doux just that! This sweet concoction penetrates deeply into your curls to restore hair moisture balance. Like every good deep conditioner you’ve got options to either detangle and let the product work for 30 minutes or throw on a plastic cap, steam, and/or sit under a hooded dryer for a deeper conditioning effect. As far as the bottle, I know how heavy handed yall can be when it comes to your conditioner. Therefore, luckily the Doux team was a step ahead of you and packaged this deep conditioner in a jar so you can scoop your heart out. Grab the Sweetest Thing for $15.99 (tax included) on the website before it sells out fast!


CrazySexyCurl: Honey Setting Foam

Once you’re done giving your curls some TLC with the shampoo and conditioning, grab the CrazySexyCurl: Honey Setting Foam as your 1 product styler! Yes, I said it and so does the website that makes claims that you can condition, detangle, define and set…and I’m here to tell you it does it all! If you love the classic Mousse Def texture foam then you already understand the power that is The Doux’s 1 styler foam. Made with honey, aloe, bamboo, and silk amino acids, CrazySexyCurl: Honey Setting Foam will have your curls juicy, defined and popping. This pump bottle of super moisturizing foam is sure to sell out so grab it from the website for $15.99 (tax included).


Just when you thought that was it, Maya and The Doux team keeps it going with some more products to compliment the Bee Girl line.


Get Honey: Honey Hair and Scalp Serum

If you love serums, you’ll be happy to know The Bee Girl line includes Get Honey: Honey Hair and Scalp Serum. Made to help soothe and refresh your scalp (even on those itchy scalp days), the Get Honey serum has an added bonus as it also acts as a heat protectant and can seal the ends of your hair. This sweet smelling serum is packaged in a bottle with a dropper and 2-3 drops as needed goes a long way! For $13.99 (tax included) you can also grab the serum from the website.


Bee Girl: Honey Curl Custard

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For all my custard lovers, and even those who roll their eyes when they hear ‘custard’, trust me when I tell you the Bee Girl: Honey Curl Custard will make you a sweet believer! With its thick custardy consistency (yeah, that’s going to be a word today), the Bee Girl has no crunch. Let me be the first to tell yall that I have personally tried this and once my hair was dry and fluffed, I had second day curls immediately! If you’re a curly girl you know that’s a WIN! Packaged just right in a jar for easy scooping you can grab this from the website for $13.99 (tax included).

Push It!: Honey Braid and Edge Gel

If you’ve got flyaways or stubborn baby hair you can be sure to push them (real good) right on back with the Push It!: Honey Braid and Edge Gel. The Doux website warns against using oil, but Maya’s word is bond. Follow her steps and you can’t miss! You’ll feel like you’ve gotten a great deal when you purchase this on the website for $13.99 (tax included), because a little really goes a long way when it comes to The Doux edge gel.


Mist Demeanor: Honey Shine Mist

Finally, when it’s all said and done and your curls, twist-outs, wash n go’s, braid outs, or fros are ready for the world, finish your look off with the Mist Demeanor: Honey Shine Mist. Made with aloe, keratin, vitamins and silk amino acids this honey shine mist will help you resist humidity and that’s perfect timing for the summer heat! It also helps you protect against thermal heat damage so for all my naturals rocking versatile looks you can still count on Mist Demeanor: Honey Shine Mist for your blowouts. This is the most fitting ending to your style, and if you’re asking if it’s worth it I would definitely say so at $13.99 (tax included) on the website.


So many products to choose from in the Bee Girl Collection! Make sure you check out thedoux.com and grab something from this collection before it’s all dried up!



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