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  • Photos by: Chuck Wolf
  • Written by: By: Shinyere Davis

Erick Mendoza, the bearded real estate connoisseur of New York, has created a dynamic platform that consists of his ambassadorship with Shea Moisture Men as well as his features on Bravo’s hit network series Sell it like Serhant. Behind his success and good looks, Mendoza is known for his philosophical wealth and ideologies that encompass love, women, and spirituality. In a world that often times praises the surface level accomplishments of Black men, I wanted to dig a little deeper.

Who is Erick Mendoza beyond his suit and tie?

Shinyere Davis: Good Afternoon Erick, I would love for you to tell me a little about yourself- where are you from?

Erick Mendoza: I was born in the Bronx , and I currently reside in NYC.

Shinyere Davis: Awesome! I know it must be both challenging and rewarding as a real estate agent in New York. How has being Afro-Latino contributed to your definition of success?

Erick Mendoza: Being Afro-Latino has contributed to my definition of success because it has forced me to work harder than anyone else. This goes without saying; it is generally harder for most men of color to become successful. This isn’t because of our lack of tenacity or skill, but rather the disadvantages established against the color of our skin. It’s motivating to me. I love being the underdog.

SD: When did you begin your career in real estate?EM: I began my career in real estate 4 years ago. SD.  Is this career something you see yourself doing for a lifetime?

EM: Yes. I love what I do and I believe my purpose in life is to help as many people as possible. My current platform is through real estate, and I love it.

SD. How do you establish a healthy separation between your work and personal life?

EM: I don’t. Real estate is an interning career where you do it all the time. You network, you meet new people, and everyone you meet is looking to buy, sell or rent. That doesn’t mean I try to sell every person I know- but again, it goes back to my purpose, which is to help people. There is no better feeling than finding someone, who you know personally, their new home.

SD: What is the most exciting thing about your career?

EM: The most exciting thing about real estate is the pace and competition. I love the feeling of not being expected to do well, but outlasting and outperforming anyone.

SD: At such an early age, you’ve accomplished so much. How do you incorporate humility and gratitude into your success?

EM:   I recognize that God is the reason I’m here. I am absolutely nothing without him. I pray over decisions and make sure I’m ready to hear his answer. God’s plan, our work.

SD: What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned about the industry you are in?

EM: Doing the little things right, every single time, matters more than doing one big thing right, once.

SD: What do you look for in a partner?

EM: I value understanding and communication.

SD: What is your greatest love lesson?

EM:  God will sometimes give people the bravery to act out of character to prepare you for your greatest blessings. Whether they behave positively or negatively, you are being prepared by the lessons you learn from them. Learning the difference between interdependence and dependence was also a great love lesson for me.

SD. How would you describe your loving style? What is your love language?

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EM: I love super hard. I’m extremely happy when my partner is happy, so I strive for that. My love languages are definitely quality time and acts of service.

SD: What is unique about loving women of color?

EM: They personally understand the same issues I go through, because they live it first hand. They also won’t let you get away with shit- which I love.

SD: Was dating easier prior to your success?

EM: Yes. It’s much tougher now because I need to pay much more attention to hidden agendas.

SD: What is your perfect date?

EM: Great food, great music, and lots of laughter. A vacation, a day trip, a day inside-just relaxing. I love it all. As long as we’re together.

SD: What is your most memorable dating experience?

EM: My most memorable dating experience was a spontaneous trip a former girlfriend and I took to Miami. We booked the tickets the day before we traveled there. We spent less than 24 hours in Miami once we arrived. The spontaneity made it the best.

As Erick continues to thrive both professionally and spiritually, he is taking the world by storm one day at a time! Millennial Men are out here winning too, and it’s been a pleasure to witness and support their growth! Be sure to follow Erick Mendoza on Instagram @ERICKMENDOZA553 for his latest career and lifestyle updates!

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