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No Shave November


Cancer awareness is the goal of No-Shave November — as well as hair-ness itself. Many cancer patients lose their hair, so organizers want people to let it grow wild and free, as they say. It’s a fun way to remind folks how many of our friends and neighbors struggle with the disease and how they fight it every day. Participants are also encouraged to donate money they’d normally spend on hair care to cancer support and educational organizations.


In 2009, the No-Shave November movement was created in memory of Matthew Hill, who died in November 2007 after battling colorectal cancer. As part of their New Year’s resolution, he and his family chose not to shave in November. Instead, they donated the expenses typically incurred on razors and shaving cream to charities that support research into diseases like prostate, testicular, and colorectal cancer.

It all began in 2003 in Australia with a group of friends growing out their mustaches during November in order to raise awareness for men’s health charities. The term “Movember”, was coined as a result. Despite being separate entities, No-Shave November and Movember share the same goal – to spread awareness and raise money for these types of charities by stopping shaving (or growing a mustache) during November.

Through their efforts over the past decade and a half, they have helped raise millions of dollars in support of prostate cancer research, testicular cancer research, and colorectal cancer research.

Today TXTURE pays homage to survivors & those fighting the good fight for Male cancer awareness.

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