"Colors of Beauty" the Artistry of MAKEUP

THE MAKEUP SHOW NYC, was the place to be May 6th to May 8th. Here is what you missed!


 By: Ashlee Chance

VIP access to the makeup community before anyone else, is what the makeup show provided on May 6, 2017. Gifted a  first glance of New York- based painter and makeup artist Moises Ramirez art gallery. Viewing his artwork that was done with abundance of material from Mac makeup to acrylic colors the gallery “Colors of Beauty” was exactly that, each art piece oozing with vibrant colors.

Image by Ashlee Chance, Moises Ramirez


Ramirez unique skills allow his pieces to be beautifully unique as well, “This is a collection of art that is inspired by the beauty industry, by what I did in the makeup world. I have been freelancing as a makeup artist and as a visual artist for about three years and I wanted to merge the two.”  Moises emphasized that he hopes to gain the understanding that makeup itself is artwork.

Founder and Creative Director, Dany Sanz, of Make Up For Ever showed off her artist skills too with a live mural and body painting exhibition during the event. Featuring  the new launch of their new color cream makeup, showing off its multi-purpose ability to fuse beauty and art as a whole.  After being amazed by the art within the room the host and educator of "All Things Beauty' for the makeup show, James Vincent, took over. 

James began telling the audience his journey in the makeup world from childhood to present day. His resume within the industry, from working in the music industry with artist such as Lady GaGa and Rihanna to even working with the Obamas.  Explaining the growth of the makeup industry and why art is important and why it’s crucial to elevate what an artist does every day.  “The makeup show wants to bring in brands and artist of people who inspire, people that are taking makeup to a place more than just a trend for YouTube, and Instagram likes, but the importance of the face, the client and taking the brand and pushing it.”

 Image Courtesy of Ashlee Chance


James later gave us some insight of what and who we should expect for the next few days from the keynote speakers of the event,as well as what staple pieces each audience member received in their glam bags. After everyone enjoyed an exquisite brunch with a layout of Corn Flake French toast, bacon, mini muffins and endless Mimosas; and a room filled with conversation and networking. An exclusive review of Make Up For Ever new launches color cream, Aqua XL color paint and waterproof eye liner was presented.

Images Courtesy of Ashlee Chance

The event also featured brands like: Crown, a  line that is known for their brushes and very pigmented eye shadows, NYX, a budget friendly line that gives you a beat face without the high price tag. A first look at the Rikki Skinny, a vanity with Bluetooth selfie function that runs for $160 and many tried the new free makeup app Perfect365, which allows you to try on makeup looks from brands such as Mac, NYX, and Bioderma and even your favorite YouTube looks and purchase that product.