Fall Fashion Trends WBTV Charlotte

As Fall suddenly begins to approach us ladies, it is natural keep up with the latest and most popular beauty trends that match our wardrobes and fit our tones for the seasonal change. On August 8th WBTV welcomed Team TXTURE back to their stage so that we could show and tell our Fall beauty trends! The highlights of our segment touched base on just a few important essentials that us ladies just love to indulge in, such as nude nails, press on nails, bold eyeshadow, signature dark lips, and neutral blushes.

Nude Nails

A nude nail is a must all year round of course, but for the fall it is equivalent to a favorite accessory. Why? It happens to match with everything wardrobe and makeup wise! Nude nails  happens to be such a calm tone that can be known as calm, or sexy. With colors such as "Au Naturel", and "Love Matters" from LA PIERRE Cosmetics to showcase, these are perfect to match every tone with giving the sexy oomph to every mani and pedi.

Press On Nails

Believe it or not, press on nails are very much in now and have been for quite some time! I've noticed a lot of women other than myself have begin to indulge into into the press on trend is because like the salon, they come in all shapes, lengths and pretty colors. Not only are they convenient for a quick pop on and go, but they are very cost efficient!  At your local Walmart, Target, beauty supply stores and more, you are able to find affordable and cute press on brands such as KISS SALON Color nails for $4-$5.99, which honestly saves me so much money rather than spending $40+ at the salon.

Bold Eyeshadow

Bold shadow is such an essential part of Fall, and I say this very BOLDLY, lol. When you think of Fall, you think of warm tones, and strikingly bold fashion choices. So with those, there is always a reason to add a bold accessory to your face. Eyeshadow is like lipstick, it highlights and brings your final look to life. However, when we speak of bold, that doesn't mean that it has to be harshly printed on our eyes. With colors such as blue, gold, brown, and burgundy, it's easy to overdo the look. But with just a couple of dabs, your look with piece together and add a highlight to the perfect fall trend!

Signature Dark Lips

There's something that a nice, dark and bold lip, that us ladies look forward to bringing out our cutest dark brown, deep red and burgundy lippies when the season changes? If you're like me, I certainly cannot wait to wear mine every chance that I get. A signature dark lip is just like the bold shadow in the fall, FIERCE!

Neutral Blushes

With accessories to the face such as a bold shadow, dark lippies, highlight and contour, a neutral blush is the one touch that eases the face and creates the perfect Fall look. Neutral as I mentioned earlier, is calm yet sexy. However with so many neutral blushes to choose from, it is important to make sure it blends and doesn't overshadow your undertone.