Finding Black Santa

By: Bunnie Mae

I remember as a child I didn't always get a picture with Santa. When I did, he sure didn't look like me. When I finally got to meet a black Santa, I was 23, and he was in a park handing out gifts to the neighborhood kids. So imagine how excited I was when I was able to take my little girls to see Black Santa in the local mall!
I wanted more! I took them to pancakes with Santa, and they have a million pictures with Santa! I love it! I think that the Finding Black Santa App is so essential for representation purposes! This has been the year of #blackmagic! Hop in as we chat with the founder of this fantastic app and find out what inspired her to be such an inspiration!

Bunnie: For my followers who may not be familiar with you, please introduce yourself and your brand!

Jihan: Hello, my name is Jihan Woods! I am the creator of Finding Black Santa, mother to twin boys that are now three years old! I am also a licensed physiatrist, and I am working towards becoming a licensed child psychiatrist!

Bunnie: Awe yay! Congratulations! That's all so exciting, and you seem so passionate about it! So, with all you have going on just in ordinary life, what inspired you to create Finding Black Santa?

Jihan: When I moved to Texas, I realized that there was a shortage of Black Santa's in the area, and when I did find them, they were few and far between. I realized that if I was having this much trouble there had to be more mothers that were having the same issue!

Bunnie: Did you think all of this would come from creating Finding Black Santa?

Jihan: No! I had no idea! I literally saw a need for it and created it! I didn't think that I would have such a great response to it! I created the app and had it remain free just for the simple fact that I wanted it to be used as a directory for locating Santa's. Never in a million years did I think that it would take off like it did; however I am so thankful!

Bunnie: After Christmas, will the characters change? Will we see a finding Black Easter Bunny as well?

Jihan: That is definitely something that I am considering! For right now I would love to continue to grow and build upon Finding Black Santa. We launched in November, so we didn't have as much time to add everyone to the app like we wanted, now we have more than enough time to prepare for next year's Finding Black Santa!

Bunnie: I love the fact that you have more than just finding a Santa in a mall! You have "Breakfast with Santa" and " Reading time with Santa," I think that is so awesome! So, do you find the events and upload them or are people able to submit to the app with local events they have found?

Jihan: Both! I do have some facebook groups that I am in that will post about them, and I will upload them to the directory. People are also able to submit over events or spots where anyone can catch Santa!

Bunnie: Yay! That is so awesome! I am very excited about the finding Black Santa App! Please let everyone know where they can go to find the app and where they can submit for Finding Black Santa!

Jihan: You can download the app in your play store under "Finding Black Santa" Also on the app you can find the email on where to make submissions at

Bunnie: Thank you so much for taking out the time to chat with us! We wish you all the luck and success with Finding Black Santa!