EPARA Skincare: For Us, By Us!

Written By: Bunnie Mae

Whew! Most of my life I have dealt with a lot of issues concerning my skin! From being a teen with breakouts to having uneven and discolored skin on my cheeks and face. Let’s not mention that un-GODLY “time of the month pimple” Does everyone get those? No? Just me? Hmph.

Well, about two years ago I started my healthy skincare journey. I refused to be almost 30, almost bald AND no skin! NO! Something had to give! I could no longer use the excuse “My mama permed my hair when I was 14”. It was time to grow up and fix my life from the inside out.

I did well! I began drinking water, exercising and my skin (and hair) started to show changes! About three months in I decided to grow up and find a skincare routine that could not only maintain my new-found glow but enhance it as well.

Now, just because I am pro-black does NOT mean I am anti-white; however, I wanted a skincare line that was FOR Me by WOMEN LIKE ME. I had the hardest time finding a product that would not only work on my combination skin and remove blemishes that DIDN’T contain bleach. My black is beautiful, and I don’t want to change that.

When I was introduced to EPARA Skincare, I was a little skeptical because of previous letdowns, but I was determined to find the RIGHT one and be an ADULT. In my eyes it made sense, don’t judge me.  I was surprised that it was made for US (Women of Color) BY US. Not only was EPARA Skincare specifically designed for women of color, but it was also promoted, sourced and marketing by women that looked like me!

I couldn’t be happier! The product is fantastic as well! I feel as if I have entered the realms of adulthood every time I use my hydrating mist and my eye serum. Because that’s what adults do right?

My skin has thus far maintained it’s healthy glow and I am feeling much more confident in leaving the house with no makeup on! (Lashes doesn't count, right?!)

I look forward to my continued use of this luxury skincare line that not only make me feel like a million bucks, but it makes me look like a million bucks, too.

Who doesn’t want to look as if they have a cool million sitting in the bank (or on your coffee table, I don’t judge)! Make sure you hop in and try EPARA Skincare, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!