"I Am Not Your Negro" Will Have You Woke!

By: Ashlee Chance

Filmmaker and activist Raoul Peck starts where the African- American novelist, playwright, and poet, James Baldwin left off. The man of letters passed away in 1987 leaving behind his unfinished novel “Remember This House,” to his late friends and civil rights leaders Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. 

Peck managed to combine the phenomenal words of Baldwin’s thirty pages of work and depict a visual on how African-Americans are viewed in the media.  The tale of African Americans, Baldwin describes, “is not a pretty story… “This is not the land of the free.” 

Throughout the movie Samuel L. Jackson embodies the voice of James Baldwin narrating the late author's provocative words within the film. Peck not only uses footage from Baldwin’s time of racial suppression but he impressively connects it with clips of today's  “Black Lives Matters” and places like Ferguson while Baldwin gives his thoughts on culture, politics, and race. Peck has awakened our era with nothing but realistic truths and history from Baldwin's eyes and turned it into an outstanding and provoking film.

For more information & locations to see this amazing documentary, please visit:www.IAmNotYourNegrofilm.com