Journey To Self; Self Reflecting with Cyrene Lovette

Not too long ago, talking about your feelings and emotions were considered a sign of weakness. In both men and women, displaying any emotion other than “strong” made you appear weak. Now, in this age of transparency, you’re considered a fraud if anyone feels anything other than authenticity.

Honestly? I feel like there is only one way to win. Being yourself and doing what makes you happy, despite others opinion. Cyrene Lovette has mastered the art of not only being her genuine self, but is sharing her story, on and off camera, with her journal inspired book, Journey To Self.

If it’s one thing that I have adjusted to in my career, it’s accepting who I am and where I am headed. I know I’m not alone in this journey. Not knowing if you’re qualified enough or thinking you may fail is a thought that is never truly more than a thought away.  As a public figure, Cyrene opens up and shares her personal and professional journey and how she has overcome obstacles thrown at her, and came to accept her authentic self!

Hop in as we chat with Cyrene and make sure you guys hop in and grab your copy of Journey To Self which can be found on her site !

Bunnie – Hey girl Hey! I am so excited to have you in The Bunnie Hole today! Thank you so much for hopping in today!

Cyrene – Yess!! Hey lovely! Thank you so much for having me! I am so excited to share more of my story and talk about Journey to Self! That’s like my baby so I am super excited!

Bunnie – Okkuurtt! I love it! So let’s hop right in! Tell me more about Journey to self and what inspired you!

Cyrene – Well, Journey to Self is really a story about me and my journey to discovering my authentic self! I already give so much of myself in social media and on the show, but a lot of people never really understood what I had to go through to get to the point of self-acceptance that I am at now!

Bunnie – So what made you start sharing the more personal side of your journey?

Cyrene – When I realized that people wanted to see the process. When you have a story and a brand that are relatable, people want to see HOW you overcame situations versus just sharing the results and outcome. The more messages I received, the more I realized that there is a testimony not just in my story but in my journey. That gave birth to Journey to Self.

Bunnie – For those of you that may not know, Cyrene is on Bravo reality show, Thicker Than Water with her family showing them and their journey! So how is that experience for you? Being on a reality show and bouncing between there and school?

Cyrene – I have always been a busy body! I love keeping busy, so adjusting between filming and school wasn’t really hard for me! I have a great support system that makes sure that even though I stay busy, I stay balanced! I learned the hard way that burnout is real and that it is so important to do things of quality versus doing things just to stay busy!

Bunnie – Whew! That right there is a word in itself! I thought my life was busy but I know you have me BEAT! How did you manage to find time to write in between?

Cyrene – Hahah! It honestly wasn’t as hard as you think! When you are excited and passionate about something, you make sure you find the time and resources to do it! That’s exactly what happened with Journey to Self.

Bunnie – I don’t want to give away all the goodies in your book, but tell me what inspired you to write it in a journal form?

Cyrene – Well, every girl has a diary growing up. Some people call it journals as they get older, but it basically is the safe place you keep all your thoughts and feelings wrapped up into! It was easy to write it in a way that is familiar to everyone. I want people to know that although our stories are different, we all have a journey. It’s not an overnight process and by no means is it an easy one, but it’s definitely worth it!

Bunnie – Yes! I appreciate that SO much! I love reading and feeling as if I’m talking TO you, and not being talked AT. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy, I know this will be such an amazing read! Where can we follow you at and where can we go to purchase your book?

Cyrene – You can follow me on all social media platforms at Cyrene Lovette and you can grab a copy of my book at            

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