Keep Up With KeKe

 It is mid afternoon, and Keke hops on the line with a confident "heyyyyyyyyyy,"  in between a jam packed day full of business, she adds "I'm trying my best to get out of this L.A. traffic."  Whether its  fashion, music, or acting Keke undeniably exemplifies her "best",  then move on to the next win without ease!


One of said  wins, is coming into fruition tonight as Keke takes on a new role, Gigi on the spring premiere of STAR! Of course I had to get some dets about our girl- excuse me SHEPRENEUR  before the show airs tonight!  We were also able to also chat about her new music releases from her own independently operated label,

"Big Boss Entertainment" and how she is able to keep her momentum as a young boss in the industry. 


Ashira: Thank you for taking the time out from being a Shepreneur to chat with

TXTURE Magazine I'm sure our readers will draw inspo and strength from out chat today, ironically my nickname is Shi Shi, Keke ! haha


Keke: Oh wowwwwww!!!!


Ashira: How are you doing? How are you feeling today? 


Keke:  I'm good,  I had some things to do earlier I did some stuff with nasty gal, preparing for the premiere on STAR-and promoting Bossy the new single, so good stuff, feeling goooood!! 


Ashira: That's great! I definitely see you implementing self love and self care, during your journey, how do you keep that momentum going ? How do you keep that balance?


Keke:  Its the only way I'm able to survive in the industry I'm in to continue to motivate myself, encourage myself,put myself first, and do things that remind me that I'm special to me, if anything if I'm not special to anybody else that I'm special to me. That's kind of what helps keep going. It can be as little as saying nice things to myself, doing my hair, putting on a nice outfit together so I can look good when I go out, little things just help me to be a better person in general, because I feel more confident. I know if anybody have me back I do. 


Ashira: I definitely see that, I been following your social media posts and self love/care posts and your style is amazing-its impeccable I see that confidence.


Keke: Thank you! 


Ashira: It's always empowering to see women in lead positions in TV and film  and Gigi is one of those characters that have a strong personality/persona how is her persona compared  to you as an individual and as an artist?


Keke: We are definitely similar in terms of flamboyance, of (having) an outward personality as well as love for music, music taste and style; but we are different in terms of  how chooses to separate herself from her lifestyle, Gigi is very much into the Hollywood scene even though she have a grounded sense to herself....she is very industry.


 Image by: Jace Downs/FOX

Ashira:  Because of her bossiness and assertiveness, Do she (Gigi) have any altercations or rivalries because of her personality this season; or love interests  can you give us a little hint on that? * inserts anxious chuckle emoji here*


Keke:  I actually I think its more the opposite in terms of what she's gone through and experienced (it) actually helped her to become that more bossy chick that's not afraid to take control and become assertive. It's an positive response to some things you'll learn about Gigi this next season. 


Ashira: I am living vivaciously through you over this phone and I'm curious and I'm sure our readers are, who is the jokster on set, who is the one who reels the team in? Who is the mom on set?


Keke:   I think there's different people that do those roles, I definitely think I'm one of those people in terms of getting people hyped up and excited, I think that Luke James definitely is a clown, but of course everybody have their days sometimes its an early morning somebody's tired we may not be as jokey as much but .. I think we all play that role from time to time.


Ashira: I know that recently Queen Latifah's mother just passed and I'm sure that she's able to draw strength from  you all, as a team as a cast..


Keke: We just finished right before she passed so we didn't even get to like be around her and see her during that process which I think is so amazing because nobody  wants to be going to work after their mother just passed.


Ashira: Speaking of Queen Latifah she is definitely a legend and on the forefront when it comes to women's dominance on screen and off screen have you been able to work with her to the point where she's able to drop gems for you on your journey as an independent artist?


Keke:  Aw man, she always have throughout my whole life, staying focused, staying spiritually connected, motivated and working hard -and then just being an example of being a leader to a younger generation, she inspired me to do all of those things for sure!

 Image by: Sheridan

Ashira: Are you going to feature some of your music on this seasons show?


Keke: Absolutely, this upcoming episodeI'm premiering my new single, well my new single (is) featured as a song of Gigi ; so I' am very excited about that.  Gigi performs in a very.. risqué way in a strip club in an opening scene and I'm very excited!


Ashira: In regards to you as a artist, are you working on releasing any albums or eps from your new label?


Keke: Yes the album is completed and Bossy is the first single, I have another single coming to you guys fairly soon, so I'm excited I cant wait for you guys to see what I have coming next.  You know I did my ep Lauren a lil while back and that was about personally who I am, about me stripped down, whereas this project is about Keke Palmer that boss, that brand, what it took to become that brand, what I am doing to balance my life as a young woman, to have fun, and to you know live life!


Ashira: That is awesome that you are able to highlight that (your journey) through your music as a medium! I'm excited for you!!!


Keke: Thank you! 


Ashira: Gigi as a character, I feel she's a reflection that represents black women, in the industry in the public eye today. Instantly when I think of your character Gigi on STAR I think of Tiffany Haddish, Cardi B, you all very strong, outspoken women that's assertive, that's alpha, and I'm so excited that Lee Daniels is able to capture a reflection of that.


Keke: He is definitely on it!


Ashira: Thank you for taking the time out to speak with Txturemagazine , I am excited to get you featured and I'm excited for all of your endeavors, keep pushing through Queen, keep going and I see you ! I see you!


Keke: Thank you so much, it my pleasure and thank you for your words, thank you very much for your words. 


Ashira: And beat this LA traffic girl don't let it get to you! haha


Keke:  Alright, I'm on my way!!!!



  Keke is otw to killing 2018 yall!  Singer, Dancer, Actor, CEO of a label! Are yall ready for her premiere tomorrow? Are yall ready for new music from Keke? It looks like we have multiple wins coming from this young queen 2018!


 Be sure to tune in tonight on FOX (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) for the season premiere of STAR!

 I will be curled up unapologetically lip syncing to Keke's new single with some wine and homemade popcorn --But first, here's a snippet of what Keke is delivering!


Click Here: STAR EP. 210: BOSSY