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By: Autumn McKenney

Ever wonder how some of your favorite beauty gurus get the perfect light, that highlights their impeccably blended eyeshadow and flawless skin? Well we have got the must have gadget, to make your selfies go from 'NOT' to 'HOT'!


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The LuMee Case, is a rechargeable LED lit cell phone case, for Apple and Samsung devices. This case comes with a dimmer button to give you a choice of light intensities for your photos.The case works great if you want to showcase every inch of your face, if you want to take a photo with a friend in a dark nightclub, or if you just need a flashlight!


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The newest addition to the LuMee family, is the LuMee Duo, which lights your phone up from both the rear camera and the forward facing camera. So no need to worry about the photo your girlfriend, five margaritas in, is taking of the both of you, now you're LIT!The LuMee case ranges in price from $39.95-$69.95. So if your selfies are a main priority, this is a must have accessory. I mean, if Kim K and Oprah are using it, and clearly you're right up there with them, why aren't you?


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