Melanin Poppin': The Summer Glow Guide

By: Airest Dion, Wholistic

The temperatures are rising and Summer will be here before you know it. To help you achieve your best skin yet, we asked Wholistic Practioner and Skin Therapist, AirestDion, to share her top secrets for achieving glowing, summer skin.

Stay Hydrated 

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During the warmer months it is important to keep the body and the skin hydrated. Hydrated skin will stay plump and supple, allowing us to maintain the youthful appearance that we crave. To keep the body hydrated, focus on proper water consumption. Water quantity and quality are both equally important. To maintain proper body function, we should be consuming a minimum of 64 oz of water a day. Consider switching to mineral rich Alkaline or Spring Water to ensure optimal hydration. I also recommend keeping a bottle of my Balancing Tonic with you on the go. My Balancing Tonic is naturally acidic water that tones and tightens the skin while restoring it to it's natural pH levels. Misting your skin with the Balancing Tonic throughout the day keeps the skin protected from environmental pollutants as well as keeps the skin plump with essential moisture. Learn more here.

Repair the Skin

Our activity levels increase during the Summer and we are usually out in the Sun's glorious rays for most of the day. Although sunlight is necessary for overall skin health, it is important to repair our skin after prolonged sun exposure. Repairing our skin ensures our cells do not become dehydrated and depleted. Aloe Vera Gel is Mother Nature's ultimate skin repairing solution as it soothes the skin while simultaneously accelerating cellular renewal. My Aloe Serum is a high- quality Aloe Vera gel that is cold-pressed from the inner fillet of organic Aloe Vera leaves. This process ensures the maximum amount of nutrients are maintained in the product and delivered right to your skin. Apply the Aloe Serum morning and night after cleansing and/or directly after sun exposure to calm and repair the skin. Learn more here. Keep the Skin Fresh and CleanAgain, with our activity levels seemingly rising with temperatures, it is much easier for the skin to become clogged with sweat, dirt and makeup. To maintain healthy, vibrant skin it is imperative that we stick to our daily skincare routine of cleansing, toning, repairing and protecting. Being diligent with our daily skincare allows us to achieve a bright complexion and keep excess oil and breakouts at bay. Not sure what products you should be using to care for your skin on a daily basis? Reserve a Skin Consultation and Analysis with me and lets customize an at-home care regimen that will help you achieve your best skin yet. 

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