This year via ART Basel, we decided to give our guest a full experience that focuses on the 5 senses -Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and SMELL!

The fragrant portion of our event ANALOG, will be powered by PERFECT BLUE ALCHEMY! A black-female owned Organic, Body-Care & Fragrance line (home and body) a.k.a Perfume with a Purpose.

When the founder, Kenya was asked what made her start her business, she added, "I took my extensive knowledge of essential oils and together, my sister and I created Perfect Blue Alchemy, a line of essential oil blends specifically made to be worn as perfume. The blends are complex, delicious scents captured into roll-on sprays, bottles, and more that also have the added benefit of positive therapeutic effects."

images courtesy of Perfect Blue Alchemy

The scents of PBA Essential Oils and Home fragrances are timeless & therapeutic. We cant wait to share wit our Art Basel Guest!

Be sure to visit their site PERFECT BLUE ALCHEMY. & social media: @perfectbluealchemy more information and Holiday Gift ideas!