...Catch Up to Coil Beauty!

False Advertising on Aisle 3!

As a natural hair and beauty influencer, I am no stranger to the frustrations that come along with the territory of lack in product selection and availability. It seems as though over the last few years big box retailers have finally started noticing not only the increase in demand but also increased sales of products made for women of color. Day after day we are hit with new retail marketing strategies that have one goal in mind, bring us into their stores to shop their selections. The truth of the matter is, we race to the stores only to find we are limited to a small section of roughly three shelves that offer 2-3 products! Talk about false advertising! We take the time and energy to head to stores that don't think enough of us to provide the items that we want and need. What's even worse, the associates in the stores have no clue how to assist us with any questions we may have about how to use the products! Something has got to give!

Introducing Coil Beauty!

The good news in all of this mislead marketing is, gone are the days that we are forced to shop in stores that don't provide us quality products catered to women and men of color. This is why those misleading retailers should catch up to Coil Beauty! Coil Beauty is an online beauty boutique that is giving other retailers a run for their money. Coil Beauty offers well-known product lines in categories that include hair care, skin care, nails, kids, lips, and even a section titled 'HIM' where you can find everything from beard wash, beard serum, and even a beard balm! Who knew there were so many options for our sexy bearded men?! The combination of online shopping convenience, mixed with a welcoming community that consists of inspiration, love, and support is the reason we should all check out CoilBeauty.com.

Spotlights, Giveaways, and So Much More!

I was recently introduced to Coil Beauty on Instagram and IMMEDIATELY I was hooked! As I scrolled the very creative and bright social media page my eyes were drawn to the great graphics, product highlights, and interactive posts created to bring our community together for open conversations on beauty topics that matter most to us! What I really loved is the support I saw with recognition to other black owned companies through their Spotlight Posts during Black History Month. Coil Beauty gave shout outs to heavy hitters in the beauty industry such as Monique Rodrigues of Mielle Organics and Courtney Adelye, the Founder and CEO of The Mane Choice. I also learned that there is a black owned skincare line called Brooklyn LimeGreen! As I kept scrolling I was pleasantly surprised to see, wait, is that a giveaway?!

Yes, Coil Beauty even partners with some of our favorite beauty bloggers and influencers, such as @Nae2Curly, to give their customers great giveaways, coupon codes and flash sales on products online. Speaking of online, Coil Beauty even has a growing YouTube channel where you will be able to find more information about their company and what they offer.

Overall I appreciate pioneers such as Aisha Shannon-Bates, founder of Coil Beauty, and Kethlyn White COO of Coil Beauty for seeing a void in our community and stepping up and in to give men, women, and children of color not only a place we can go to shop for our beauty needs, but to engage and support one another! If you want to see all that Coil Beauty has to offer make sure you check out their website at www.CoilBeauty.com, and find them on Instagram @CoilBeauty.  

- Xo