By: Lucy Sams, Editor-at-Large

Celebrities, photos, popcorn, AND texture!  The exclusive Charlotte screening of the new series “Shots Fired,” created by Gina Prince-Bythewood and Reggie Rock Bythewood, introduced an excited crowd to the first episode in this 10-part miniseries.Monifa Coffee EIC of TXTURE magazine and her team were in attendance at the screening hosted by Fox Charlotte.  Team TXTURE was one of the over 300 attendees who participated in the viewing and Q & A session.  The event was attended by a number of celebrities and a variety of textured crowns highlighted the landscape of the crowd at this premiere. 


Image Captured By Kevin Douglas#SHOTSFIRED was filmed in the Charlotte area.  As a Charlottean, it was exciting to see my city’s skyline in the backdrop.  The footage of places I’ve been and streets I’ve walked were transformed in a drama that was emotionally charged with the injustice and tension that has highlighted the American landscape in the past 30 months. The series was shot post-Ferguson and prior to the tragedy involving Keith Lamont Scott.  In a period where we as African-Americans validate our existence and rights to the care and opportunity America promotes by posting, demonstrating, and screaming “Black Lives Matter,” this film takes on a multifaceted perspective.  “Shots Fired” places a lens on the emotions and social dynamics that play out in an “explosive look at the criminal justice system via the prism of two racially charged shootings in a small town.”                                               

 Image Captured by Christopher Smalls



Image Captured by Kevin Douglas

When asked by radio host, Fly Ty, ”Why this role?”  Dewanda Wise (Shameeka Campbell) simply stated, “For the past few years my heart has been repeatedly broken…”  Mack Wilds (Dep. Joshua Beck) responded by saying, “This was something that was bigger than me. This is a story that needed to be told.”  This film examines the inner layers of our psyche following a tragedy that affects an entire community.  This series is an emotionally powerful catalyst that will start a dialogue that will lead to change, of that you can be sure.  Watch the premiere of “Shots Fired,” Wednesday, March 22nd, at 8pm EST on FOX.

Lucy Sams is a Content Editor with TXTURE Magazine.