Summer Maintainance (Recap)

With Summer coming to a close soon, we wanted to make sure you finished with a bang & were living your best lives with your daily beauty and grooming regimens. On Aug. 6th, I had the pleasure of gracing the WBTV stage with a segment on "Summer Maintainance". We highlighted a few Black-owned beauty brands, from hair care to beard care. We have all experienced dry brittle hair after a swimming in chlorine (even with protective styles), sunburnt skin after a day at the beach, and felt a scruffy beard against our skin when bae was fresh out of ideas to maintain his #beardgoals. We were able to address these issues with a few of our favorite product lines:

Hair Care

MYLON HAIRCARE during the show I utilized their Natural Edges, edge control gel on our textured models. Mylon's Natural Edges is one of my favorite products to use simply because it's flake free, there's no residue and it won't leave your tresses full of grease. Not only is this product amazing, it's also sold in a 4 oz. jar. making it easier to create sleek ponytails and styles daily!

image & makeup: Alexis Washington

TWIST & DEFINE CREAM, by curLUXE Naturals.

We used this product to create a texture defined twist out on our models synthetic Makeda twist. What we used the Twist & Define Cream to freshly washed hair... being sure to coat her tresses with MANUKA HONEY & AVOCADO CONDITIONING NECTAR to keep both her natural hair and the synthetic hair nourished and moisturized.

*Swim Tip: We recommend applying a layer of conditioner to your prior to swimming, to protect your hair from saltwater & chlorine. In which both are highly damaging and drying to hair.

Image by: Golden Jewel Media

Skin Care

BLACK GIRL Sunscreen SPF 30, Yes, you read the product correctly! I'm so happy to see this brand, for us and by us. It addresses the common misconception & miseducation on black skin care. SPF has so many amazing benefits that are healthy for your skin. With skin cancer at an all-time high and hyperpigmentation & uneven skin tone being the #1 concern in black beauty, Black Girl Skincare is the proper solution. The formulation was created to moisturize, dry clear and keep you free of parabens!

Image by: Golden Jewel Media

Beard Care

THE SIR EFFECT, Ladies listen closely... BUY THIS FOR YOUR HONEY (Thank me later)! The products are super nourishing and hydrating. They even created a co-wash, based on the lifestyle of the man on-the-go. The "trifecta of beard oils" leaves hair stronger, thicker and shinier day after day (1 dime size per every 2 inches of beard).

Image by: Alexis Washinton
Image by: Golden Jewel Media