Tailored Beauty Review

Every so often a new product crosses my path that really grabs my attention.  This summer, I had the opportunity to join the Curlfluence team at Kinks and #CurlsATL here in Atlanta for their Tailored Beauty in store event. Tailored Beauty, created in 2015 by Keya James,is a growing hair care line that began with one single product called Everything Butter. Keya created this product with a desire to focus on her hair journey using products made with natural ingredients. Since 2015, the Tailored Beauty product line has grown to include 7 products within their collection.You can read more about Keya’s story here.

As a Curlfluencer I had the chance to actually be one of the hair models for the day during the in store event. A local hair stylist and educator by the name of I Woke Up Curly used the Tailored Beauty products on a section of my hair during a live demonstration for the event guests and I was immediately impressed with the results. Fortunately for me I was gifted a goody bag that contained 5 full size bottles and 2 samples of the products within the collection. I’m all about sharing knowledge and my opinionf or products that I believe in so below I’m giving you my thoughts on each of the products that I received.

o    Packaging Instructions: Use as the Oil in the LOC Method

o    I started my wash day with a scalp massage followed by a much needed hot oil treatment using the Grow Thick Oil

o    I saturated my hair, focusing on the ends, in the oil and then placed on a shower cap prior to sitting under my hooded dryer for 20 minutes

o    Following the treatment, I rinsed the oil out with a shampoo followed by a conditioner and detangled my hair. I decided not to use the sample shampoo provided to me because I didn’t know I fit would be enough and I wanted to be sure I cleansed really well considering I can get really heavy handed with my hot oil treatments. My hair was left feeling hydrated and very soft.

·        Moisturizing Mist 8oz $9.99 USD

o    Packaging Instructions: Use as the Liquid in the LOC Method

o    I sectioned my hair into 4 sections, and within those sections I created 3 separate twisted sections.Working on each twist one at a time, I applied the moisturizing mist to the damp hair and evenly distributed it as I finger detangled.

o    I could immediately tell that this mist was loaded with a hydrating oil and was please to see the ingredients states it contains water, Jojoba Oil, and glycerin as the first three ingredients

o    I am an advocate of using a product cocktail that consists of water, a leave in conditioner, and a few drops of your favorite hydrating oil to refresh my curls and this Moisturizing Mist is a great choice

·        Everything Butter 8oz $12.99 USD

o    Packaging Instructions: Use ast he cream in the LOC Method

o    What can I say other than this butter is literally…Everything! Please take note that a little goes a very long way

o    I used literally a dime sized amount on each twist following the Moisturizing Mist and worked the butter in to the hair strands using downward motions and focusing on the ends of my hair where frizz is the most prominent

·        Perfect Coils Curling Jelly 8oz $12.99 USD

o    Packaging Instructions: Work in to wet hair with a wide tooth comb or fingers to define kinky/curly hair

o    Honestly, I have to start with how fresh of a scent this jelly has! Before I could even dip my fingers in to the jar I was immediately pleased with the aroma and had to stop myself from sniffing away so I could get done with my hair

o    After applying the Everything Butter, I applied a quarter size amount of Perfect Coils to each section and used the praying hands method to smooth it through my curls and promote definition

o    Perfect Coils has really great slip so I didn’t feel like I had to repeatedly go over the section to distribute it

o    There was literally ZERO CRUNCH!I have yet to find a gel or jelly with no crunch. I’m not sure if it’s because I followed the directions and refrained from being heavy handed but my curls dried without a drop of a cast and throughout the week I never experienced any flaking

·        Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control 2oz $7.99 USD

o    Once I was finished applying the products to my hair I completed my wash and go style by applying a dime sized amount of edge control to my unruly edges by using a toothbrush

o    My edges did indeed lay down in submission and they didn’t get hard or awkwardly stick to my face like the results I get with some edge controls

o    Since this is an honest review I must admit that my edges did not stay laid all day, and a few hours later I did notice they began to curl back up but I didn’t really mind it because again, there were no flakes

At the end of my wash day my hair felt insanely moisturized, light, had great shine and hold. A few days later I wanted to refresh my curls so I steamed using my Q-Redew hand-held steamer and followed up with more Moisturizing Mist, Everything Butter, and Perfect Coils Curling Jelly. Needless to say I am now on day 7 and my curls are STILL super hydrated with just a bit of definition. Tailored Beauty products do not contain sulfates, parabens, or mineral oils so they are considered safe products for those of you who follow the CG Method. Overall I am glad to add the Tailored Beauty products to my hair care routine. Be sure to check out my video review here. If you’ve had the chance to tryout any of their products let me know your thoughts!