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TGIN Gives Us Curls N Roses

TGIN Gives Us Curls N Roses


Thank God It’s Natural, known to many as TGIN, is a natural hair and skin care product line that was created by black female Harvard Law graduate, Chris-Tia Donaldson. Like many of us, Chris-Tia found herself in professional settings troubled with how to style her hair. Chris-Tia decided to solve her own problem by creating products for her hair and skin with ingredients that she trusted!

Made for curls, waves and fine textured hair, TGIN Curls N Roses is a line that can be used for the whole family (trust me, I tried it on every texture in my home and it worked!). More specifically however, the Curls N Roses line really hits it out of the park for those looking for lightweight moisture, or would consider their hair low porosity. Each product in the Curls N Roses line is formulated to absorb into the hair without creating heavy product build up that can weigh the hair down. For our naturalistas that follow the CG (curly girl) method, you’ll be happy to know that all of the products within the Curls N Roses line are free from parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors, and animal testing. Available at Walmart, Whole Foods, Sally’s Beauty, Walgreens, and Target, the TGIN Curls N Roses line has 7 products available that range from $10.99-$18.99.



The TGIN Rose Water collection offers 1 product for your hair cleansing needs.

Rose Water Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo offers a gentle cleanse to your hair that adds moisture without the heavy, greasy feeling. For those of you with harsh water, rose water has the added benefit of being a mild astringent. This can help reduce buildup on the scalp and hair that harsh water can cause.



The TGIN Rose Water collection expands the options when it comes to conditioning.

Rose Water Friss Free Hydrating Conditioner has a creamy lightweight consistency that is a perfect hydrating pair to the Rose Water Hydrating Shampoo. Some of the rose water benefits packed into this conditioner include anti-inflammatory properties to aid in reducing dandruff, as well as detangling your strands.


Rose Water Hydrating Hair Mask is a step up from your average hair treatment. Blended with proteins, vitamins, and healthy fats such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, this hair mask penetrates deep into the hair shaft to melt away those stubborn tangles. It will also bring those thirsty curls to life. Unlike a regular conditioner that would only stay on your hair for a few minutes while detangling, the Rose Water Hydrating Hair Mask can be applied roots to tip prior to placing on a shower cap. You can choose to add 10-15 minutes of heat or 35-60 minutes without heat for an intense deep conditioning routine.


Rose Water Smoothing Leave In Conditioner gives you a layer of added leave in conditioning power that doesn’t require you to rinse. Rose water and acai berries help to seal the moisture into your hair as well as provide pH balancing benefits.


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The TGIN Rose Water collection gives you versatility in the styling department.

Rose water Curl Defining Styling Gel gives your curls a soft hold. The flake free and lightweight formula helps to boost volume, reduce frizz, and keep your hair defined post wash day.


Rose Water Curl Defining Mousse is a lightweight mousse that packs a surprising hold to it that will give you defined curls and waves.


Rose Water Curl Refresher surprisingly not an official product in the Curls N Roses line, this curl refresher was the first TGIN product that contained rose water. This confirms to the TGIN team the importance of creating the rosewater line. The curl refresher combines rose water and coconut oil to bring life back to dull, dry, and frizzy curls. It can be added to day(s) old hair styles in lieu of wash days to increase shine, reduce frizz, and add much-needed moisture.

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