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Throw Some D’s on That, GAP!

Throw Some D’s on That, GAP!

via GAP

Dapper Dan, aka Daniel Day, is legendary in Black culture. His reconstitution of luxury apparel has become synonymous with Black culture. LL Cool J & Salt & Pepa along with fellow Harlem native Diddy were some of the hip-hop icons that he designed custom logo’d pieces for during the early 80’s and mid 90’s.

Please understand our frustration over this epic fail of a drop. GAP did the culture a disservice by not making enough of the new [Iconic] DAP sweatshirt. They sold out in a records time of 10 minutes. This release was as big as the Jordan 11 Breed drop!

First of all, did y’all run out of D’s or nah. Because this seems like an easy fix if you ask me?! I’m positive GAP is feeling the wrath as Black twitter has been going in on them, and we are here for it all.

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