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Turn ALL THE WAY UP: Amplifying Black Women

Turn ALL THE WAY UP: Amplifying Black Women


How would you like to dine with Saweetie, Tabitha Brown, and Mary J. Blige over a delicious menu with some of the most delicious, elevated, palate-pleasing, belly-filling soul foods?  Did I mention that Kellis is one of the chefs?!?!  I would love love love a seat at her table!  These women and their amazing guests were featured in a YouTube Original for an evening of delectable cuisine and “real” conversation, “Recipe For Change: Amplifying Black Women.” 


The ambiance incorporated the vibes of each host; with a backdrop of the city skyline, a well placed floral arrangement, beautiful place settings, and amazing energy. Tabitha Brown greeted each of her guests with her magnetic smile and a genuine hug. Mary J greeted her guest in a leopard print beret and fur coat, she opened with an introduction of one of her favorite chefs, Chef Danielle. Host Saweetie welcomed her guest with her signature personality and a meal prepared  by Kellis.


The guest list included Chloe Bailey, Lynne Whitfield, Winnie Harlow, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Kelly Rowland, and many other impactful women in our communities.  The menus included everything from “Church” fried chicken to Vegan cheezcake.  One of the highlights of the evening was the conversation; Code Switching, Mental Health, Colorism and much more were discussed in an open candid way that can only be experienced within a setting of your true tribe.  The guests shared their stories, life experiences, and opinions in all its realness.  Intrigued yet? 


In 2010, Jubilee, was simply a concept started by a young man in a New York City subway.  Jason Lee is the visionary who started the movement for human good.  The “Recipe For Change” series on the Jubilee channel featured on Youtube embraces this concept.  With the support of executive producers like Lebron James, the latest episode gives a voice to many of the things we as black women embrace, defy, and ache about. Intrigued yet?  The first-time I saw a sneak peek while Youtube scrolling, I was pretty excited and immediately viewed it.  I’ve watched, shared, and smiled through this episode at least 3 times.  I truly hope you check it out on the Jubilee channel.

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