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TXTURE Talks with Artist Adnan Charara

TXTURE Talks with Artist Adnan Charara

Capturing the brisk air in my lungs walking down Cass Avenue in the City of Detroit pre-planning my expectations of what art has in store for me. I enter a small gallery – pristine as galleries are: white,sterile, subjective and objective all at the same time – with perfect lighting.There is this linear pathway to Suite C which takes me into Galerie Camile.

I say hello to the gallery’s attendant. [Immediately] I am drawn towards the center of the gallery of mixed media and being drawn into the clear and distinct language of transparent by artist Adnan Charara is a Lebanese-American artist who has resided within the U.S since 1982.In gazing around the pristine perimeter – I make my way towards the gallery’s exit and the gallery’s attendant is conversing with a shout stout man and he is thanking me for coming in and of course- I thank him for having me.

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It turns out that I was having a short but engaging conversation with Adnan Charara about his works in Camile Galerie. While conversing we discussed the history of what inspired the works. Adnan Charara is a Lebanese-American artist who has lived and worked in the U.S. since 1982 – residing in the Boston-Edison district in Detroit, MI.The subject of Adnan’s work is based upon 13th Century Mali which is historically known as one of the most sophisticated and busiest regions for commerce and culture. Mali (West Africa) the largest empire largely due to its trading route(s) which had come into power after the decline of Ghana.The materials used were foam core, paints and resin. The focus was on the masks that captured a rich history from Mali. Adnan’s work shows a clean process through how the work is curated from his story showing on the Galerie Camille’s gallery wall – through his note book and masks displayed on the wall.

Galerie Camille
4130 Cass Avenue Suite C
Detroit, MI
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