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When We Got Home on Mar. 1st…

When We Got Home on Mar. 1st…

When I Get Home:¬†The album’s theme centered around evolution, an exploration of aspects within us that we take along our journey and elements within us that are left behind. ¬†Listeners are introduced to Solange’s psyche as she dives deep into the infinite potential of her mind- her imagination. Imagination’s vast potential is pinpointed with repetitive chants of “I saw things I Imagined,” heightening listeners sensitivity to opening their minds and preparing them for a journey through her art lined with electronic, jazz, roots, and the dualities of being a woman.

First, listen of the album had me simultaneously reaching for a pen to scrabble my deepest wildest thoughts and reaching for and grasping onto the love of myself as a black woman the twerking wild side as well as the book-toting.

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Have you taken that journey into When I get Home yet? What is your favorite track off of the masterpiece?

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