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Who is Tameika Gentles?

Who is Tameika Gentles?

Since losing 90 pounds, 11 years ago, @TameikaG has devoted her time to helping others achieve the happiness she has found on her health journey.  As a Certified Personal Trainer, she has helped over 500 clients, both in person and online, lose a cumulative total of 4500+ pounds.

On a personal level, her journey expands beyond weight loss. Since achieving her physical goals, she decided it was also time to deeply assess other aspects of her life. She wanted optimal happiness but couldn’t quite pin point how she was going to get there. Through extensive reflection, it was obvious she needed to explore the world and find out. So 4 years ago, she picked up her life and moved to Hong Kong. This is where her love affair with travel began.

Since then, she has traveled extensively visiting over 40 countries soaking in all of the cultures the world has to offer. She eventually left her corporate job to scale her online business full time and launch The Whole Experience Retreat, an all-inclusive week long health retreat designed to bring 14 women together and empower them on their journey to wellness.

Being able to blend her two passions – Health and Travel – into a career is beyond her wildest dreams and through hard work, she intends to scale this business to the highest possible measures!


Lucy Sams is the Editor-At-Large for TXTURE Magazine. Whenever she isn’t cloud-chasing or trip-taking you can find her moonlighting as a professional ghostwriter, copywriter, author, and advocate for the underdog. 

Explore the many facets of her world at

IG: @Suavexor

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