Melanin Missing!

By: Bunnie


Shania Boyd…

Aniyah McNeil…Taliyah Thomas….

The numbers grow larger, the 

hearts grow weaker, and the 

outrage grows louder.

Why has my phone not rung 

with an Amber Alert? Are they too old, too many, 

not important enough?

Why does this have to be reported through 

social media FIRST? Why was a 

jersey found but not our

 children? Yes, OUR children. 

They belong to US. OUR motherland.

Do you feel our outrage? Our desperation?

 Our please?Can you not see the

 suffering? Our needs?Without THEM there is no US.

So many unanswered questions and yet, I know that Casey Anthony wants another child.

Where are the microphones, the cameras, the paparazzi now?

I was asked to write from my heart. It’s hurting. 

There are more questions than answers, more girls missing than there are cures for cancer.

Human Trafficking (they say)

Runaways (they say)

No suspects (they say)

No leads (they say)

Meanwhile the list continues to grow every day

More parents hurt in different ways

Whomever you are, you will not get away.

You cannot erase a race that is here to stay.

Do Black Lives Matter Now?

Meetings all over town, only Black faces in the crowd.

Our melanin runs deeper than the color of our skin.

Our little girls and boys will be home again.

They will have a story that comes from deep within.

They will tell it over and over, when they come home again…

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