Photo By Ibukunoluwa Folarin

By: Yvonne Fyne-Nsofor

Sisterhood is one of the most powerful things we can take part in.  While we are different we must also remember to celebrate those differences throughout our journey.  Quite literally it can be a journey taken with each other as more millennials are choosing to make travel a priority.  What better chance to get to know one another while getting to experience the world?For Chiazam Mbelum that opportunity arose during a girls’ trip to Mexico.  The trip allowed her to bond with some girls she didn’t know too well while strengthening a friendship that already existed.  “I kinda knew her before so we were already cool, but honestly just going out with her and having a good time brought us closer.”  The great part about traveling is most of the time is focused on having a good time with the people you’re with and it leaves room for growth to happen naturally.

​​ Photo By Chiazam Mbelu

Years ago the case of Natalee Holloway dominated the news waves.  During an interview with Tyra Banks her friends expressed regret that they didn’t have a buddy system, something Chiazam points out was important.  “…We just always had to be accountable for each other especially in another country.  If someone met another person or wanted to go off we would collect all the information about the person they left with.”  Regardless of the things we disagree with we are sisters who face the same dangers daily we are better off standing together.            

The lessons Chiazam got out of her trip and even inspired more in the future. “I think they are really valuable but you gotta make sure you go with the right people and good company that has similar vibes.  We are actually traveling again this year to Canada and made a plan to do one trip a year with each other.”The theme of relationships, healing, and growing also resonates with Ibukunoluwa Folarin.  While Chiazam plans her trip to Canada, Ibukunoluwa reminisces on the one she took with her actual sisters and cousins.  “I went to Canada with two sisters and a cousin, all of us were around the same age, 19 and 20. We planned the trip six months ahead. Before the trip, I was closest to the younger sister. After the trip, the cousin and I got closer and to  this day she is one of my bestest friends. We found out we both had a lot in common. When the sisters would go off to do their things, the cousin, Tolu and I would go off on a walk, write poetry, or just gist about how life is. We had so much fun in Canada, we decided to try to travel out of America more often. Our next trip is to the U.K.”


Photo By Ibukunoluwa Folarin

Ibukunoluwa concluded her experience with these words, “Traveling should be a priority, especially for black women. The change of environment allowed us to be truer to ourselves. We were more forward, honest, and playful.

Yvonne Fyne-Nsofor is from Nigeria and has lived in the United States since she was seven years old.  She has interned in a wide variety of interests from restaurant marketing to social media for a fashion magazine as well as being a contributing writer for different sites. She has a degree in International Business and owns her own clothing company. She "aims to be a pioneer in African luxury fashion." IG: @yve_ning.  

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