When We Got Home on Mar. 1st...

When I Get Home: The album's theme centered around evolution, an exploration of aspects within us that we take along our journey and elements within us that are left behind.  Listeners are introduced to Solange's psyche as she dives deep into the infinite potential of her mind- her imagination. Imagination's vast potential is pinpointed with repetitive chants of "I saw things I Imagined," heightening listeners sensitivity to opening their minds and preparing them for a journey through her art lined with electronic, jazz, roots, and the dualities of being a woman.

First, listen of the album had me simultaneously reaching for a pen to scrabble my deepest wildest thoughts and reaching for and grasping onto the love of myself as a black woman the twerking wild side as well as the book-toting.

Have you taken that journey into When I get Home yet? What is your favorite track off of the masterpiece?