ManeBox; Curated for The Culture!

Have you ever reached out to touch someone’s hair and they jerk away? Has anyone ever reached out to touch yours? We as women have a few golden rules and one of them is “If you aren’t massaging my scalp, DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR” It’s almost like a hereditary trait to be honest.

Our hair is our crown, our glory, our mane. As of late, there has been more awareness and representation of our hair, our culture, more than ever. While it’s all fine and dandy and enticing, it’s something that is a part of WHO we are. We have been using Coco and Shea Butter on our hair and bodies since before others even knew it was a “thing”. However, since this is a part of our culture, our heritage, there is no better way to represent US than with US.

If you are wondering who I mean by us, yes, I am speaking about Black women, coiled and loose curls. Knowing that hair care for the culture isn’t a trend, ManeBox CEO, ManeGuru, as we will call her, created an easy, affordable and convenient way to manage our curls!

There are a lot of things that I take pride in, and my hair is one of them!

However, sometimes I find myself grabbing less than average hair products for a multitude of reasons. I either don’t have time to search for the right product, the “other brands” attempted to replicate and they are more affordable, or I simply just can’t find the products that I need!

Knowing that this is a growing issue for the community, The ManeGuru realized that she had a solution. After moving in rooms that some of us could only dream of, The ManeGuru knew that she had a bigger purpose. I know what it’s like to be in rooms where you don’t look like everyone else. For a long time I tried to conform, change ME. Who I am and what I represent. The older I got, the more I realized how important it was to represent who you are, verses trying to conform to it.

You remember that childhood memory of who stole the cookies? The parent fondly asks the child “If not you, then WHO?”. Seeing the lack of resources and representations on a corporate level, she created not only a platform, but a product that benefits everyone.

Creating the MANEBOX, she has collective a multitude of products to be delivered directly to your doorstep! Not only does MANEBOX allow entrepreneurs to get their product in front of YOU, it also allows people like myself the luxury of being lazy for an extra two hours and not having to dig through useless products to find what I need!

What’s even better is that it’s customized for YOU! With a simple Curl Test on their site, you can hop in and find your curl pattern and see what products work best for YOU and YOUR hair!

I WISH this had been out before I had tried so many products that resulted in me being so frustrated, I just threw a perm in it and called it a day! However, I am excited about this not just for myself, but for my daughters, or as I like to call them, minions. So thank you MANEBOX for making my haircare journey easier!

Teaching them the importance of haircare and never giving them the chance to say “My mama permed my hair and it never grew back”. Don’t lie, we ALL know that ONE. Some of you are that one but that’s for another day.

Don’t take my word for it though! Hop onto the site ( take your curl test and order your first customized box! They launched TODAY and I couldn’t be more excited about it!