NYE Glam w/ Diamond!!

Here we meet one of our most favorite times of the year again, New Year's Eve! As a tradition for most, it’s a perfect time to celebrate life with family and friends whether we are out on the town painting the city with glamorous looks, or at home peacefully bringing in the New Year with our stay in glam looks as well.


This year I’ve decided to stay in and have a countdown with a sweet glass of wine, my little black dress to wear with my stylish robe as well as a slightly “beat” face. I mean, even if you’re in for the evening, who says that you can’t feel glam possible right?


To start off I moisturized my face with Coconut Oil


For foundation, I’ve been obsessed with Black Opal and Black Radiance foundational products. They make my skin feel so soft and cover every imperfection.


To fill in my brows, I absolutely love Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo.


As for my eyeshadow ($3-$14) lippie ($6 but on sale for $4.80) highlight ($8 on sale for $4.50) and Bronzer $7 on sale for $4.50) I decided to use one of my favorite and most cost-efficient brands, ColourPop Cosmetics. My parents blessed me with these great makeup accessories!

As for my natural hair, my tapered haircut is what defines me right now, and to perfect my 4C texture to enhance my curls, I use Shea Moistures Curl & Style Milk, as and to finish it off I add a few scoops of Curl Enhancing Smoothie.


With these accessories and beauty products, how could I not feel so glamorous for my relaxing & peaceful New Years Eve?


How are you glamming it up for your New Years Eve?